Snapshot- Santorini, Greece 



Located in the middle of the desert in the south of Israel, we stopped for a night at Kibbutz Lotan on our way to Eilat. At the time it was a few months before my brother was to start his program there. The Green Apprenticeship, as the course is called is... [...] a sustainable development... Continue Reading →

Easy being Vegan in Tel Aviv

Vegans all over the world are faced with the same (slightly irritating) questions and assumptions that come with their lifestyle choice: But where do you get your protein? B12???? All of your hair will fall out by the time you're 30! What do you eat besides lettuce? Growing up in the United States, a country where people... Continue Reading →

Portugal Day 7

Annie and I hopped into their white van and made our way to the town at around 2:30. It wasn’t a far drive, and I think I wanted it to last much longer, the view was just surreal. We were rather high up on a mountain so we were overlooking a beautiful valley. There you could see farms and houses, and a whole lot of green. All the roofs of the houses were a pleasant burnt orange colour.

Solo Travel Portugal Day 5&6

Day 5 Monday May 30, 2016 The Horse box I finally took a shower!! The last time I showered was in the hostel in Lisbon. I know, I know, 5 days is quite a bit to go without, but it hasn't stopped being cold and super rainy, and this is an outdoor shower we're talkin'... Continue Reading →

Solo Travel Portugal/Workaway Day 4

Good morning!….Annnd it is still raining cats and dogs. Meanwhile the chickens and I are hiding from the rain. The chickens do the funniest thing where they try and hide under the table cloth that hangs over the coffee table outside but only their heads get covered. So there you have a bunch of hens and roosters around a table with only their bottoms showing.

Solo Travel Day 1 Lisbon, Portugal

My advice to myself was solid. I slept on the plane, the guy sitting next to me gave me his fruit cup (damn most airlines for not being vegan friendly), and I arrived in Lisbon with an almost refreshed state-of-mind and ready to tackle my mission: find somewhere to sleep.

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